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Sis Loves Me

It’s all about step-sis, step-bro, step-dad, step-daughter action at Sis Loves Me, another new site on the theme of step-sex. It’s all original content with HD viewing, downloads, streams and even trailers on the movies; there are galleries too and updates are coming in each week. It’s hot and pumping with step-sex fantasies featuring hot babes and their up-for-it siblings, and it’s on offer at an introductory discount at the moment.

Site Content

It might sound like a one horse race but actually, at Sis Loves Me, they manage to vary the storylines and give you some hot fantasies to think about. There are stories where the step-sis, who is always some kind of sizzling temptress, is not getting on with the new step-bro, until they manage to find a way to, er, smooth things over. They usually find a story where a dad had remarried and the step-siblings are around the same age, the girls being gorgeous babes, sometimes with attitudes and the guys being well built and fit and always ready to deal with any naughty behavior.

These are storylines videos and well-acted, so the start of them sets things up before they move into the harder action. And this is always enjoyable, with good camera angles taking you right into the action, some in POV style, plenty of hardcore to follow and great finales and made all the more realistic because of the set-ups at the start. Movies run for around 20 minutes and are a good quality.

There are trailers with each one and you will see all 22 (it’s still a new site) on the main home page when you arrive. You can click the sample shot to get to the viewing page and there you have some good download options. There are HD movies here up at 1,920 x 1,080 @ over 8,000 kbps, plus a standard resolution version to take and a low res version, also good quality but more suitable for mobile phones and such like. There is also one stream, though you don’t have a say in what speed this is; it’s pretty large though, again 1,920 x 1,080 and so slower connections may have an issue with it; that’s where the trailer comes in, that will give you an idea of how the movie unfolds before you download.

Or you could look at the screen caps. Each video has a set of these and there are plenty of them. They are shown in thumbnail pages and solo pics then click up to 900 x 500 and take you through the action. The quality is fine and there are simple through-navigation tools to help your browsing. There are also digital stills for each scene with around 100 images, and these, when downloaded are up at 1,280 x 960 and can be taken in zip files of full sets – you find that link back on your viewing page. The quality is good and you get some nice posed shots as well as lots of action ones.

There’s not a lot of content here at Sis Loves Me, not yet, and that’s because the site is quite new. There are updates happening and the dates are shown so you can keep a track of them. There are no bonus sites or feeds though, but ere are quite a few links to other offers and other deals so, at first, it looks like you’ve got some other content to enjoy. You haven’t, it’s just the 22 movies at the moment but more are coming along.

Key Features / Navigation

It’s because the site is still quite new and certainly quite small, that the offer price is now discounted to only $17.87 per month. (The usual asking price is $24.87, so you’re saving a fair amount.) This is for the recurring monthly membership but there is an annual deal available as well.

I had no technical issues with the site; it all ran smoothly and everything worked, there were no hassles with anything loading up though the faster your connection the better as there is only the one stream option if you want to view online. All the links worked and navigation is not an issue as there is only one page of content at the moment. You simply scroll down and take the movie you want to see.

You have a few interactive options here with a place to leave your comments about a scene, a place where you can rate it, an ‘add to favorites function and menu item. And also a description of each scene to set things up. But there is no model index and no info on the models and no bonuses unless you upgrade and pay extra to join a variety of other sites. I believe some of these deals are one-off sign-ups that then last you for life, so they will be worth checking out.

Overall Conclusion

Sis Loves Me is a small, new, site on a theme that is growing in popularity; step-sex, as I call it. There are 22 HD and good quality step-sex videos, with hot babes and hung guys, the quality is good, the site is easy to manage, the discounted membership price is fair and there are good quality images and weekly updates look to be happening. Small, but growing, not an original theme any more but with some well-played-out stories that make the fantasy seem real.

Pros & Cons

+ Exclusive content
+ HD videos
+ Good storylines
+ Easy to use
+ Weekly updates
+ Discount price

– Small site
– One stream option only
– No model info
– No bonuses

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