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Yo, you've stumbled into the wild world of RealityKings (, the OG of online smut. I'm sitting here pretending my little corner of filth is the epicenter of the internet's dirty secrets, but let's be real - you probably passed through the holy grail of internet porn before you found my shady spot. This whole shebang kicked off in a college dorm almost two decades ago and has since morphed into a frickin' empire of adult films. I'm talking tens of thousands of HD videos, spread like wildfire across a massive network of adult sites.

Listen up, cheapskates, 'cause I'm one too. In a world where free spank material is as abundant as air, why drop cash on a site like Well, my friend, it boils down to quality and quantity – the good stuff.

New Pussies, Featured Titties, Trending Booties Take a stroll through the guided tour on the landing page, and you'll get a taste of the good stuff. New videos featuring Ebony babes doing their thing and Asian girls devouring it. Featured videos showcasing chicks flashing their gym assets and engaging in threesomes on a private island. Plus, a Trending Videos section featuring stars like Rachel Starr and Honey Moon doing whatever it takes to make your junk salute.

Check out the list of sites you get with your membership, and you're in for a treat. Watch 8thStreetLatinas getting down, witness BigNaturals doing their bounce, or dive into the sexy shenanigans of BadTowTruck. That last one makes me contemplate quitting this reviewing gig and driving a tow truck around all day. The screengrabs on the sample page show babes getting down and dirty instead of coughing up cash for a tow.

BadTowTruck only boasts eleven videos, though. With so many sites under their umbrella, some have gone a bit stale. But fear not, updates flow like a river across current sites every day, with most having hundreds of videos to keep you occupied. Take Mike’s Apartment, for example, chronicling the sexy escapades of a Euro stud named Mike and his ever-changing cast of horny roommates, boasting a library of over 800 full-length clips.

Your Reality Kings membership opens the door to over fifty different sites, including the one that started it all – CumFiesta. The list caters to everyone, from MILF Hunters to ass lovers. A couple of kinkier interests are thrown in, like a trans site and a CFNM fetish site. And let's not forget the intriguingly named In the VIP, featuring a human centipede of club girls on stairs. I'm definitely circling back for a closer look.

At the bottom of the tour page, you'll find a lineup of Top Rated Models, featuring succulent butts and massive breasts. It's a promising start.

I'm practically dripping excitement, and I haven't even logged in yet. Let's dive in before I explode and have to start this whole thing over.

A Lot of (Gang) Bang for Your Buck But hold up before you hit that sign-up button. Keep an eye on what they're selling you. The default option claims $9.99 a month, but read the fine print – that's only if you cough up for a year upfront. You can go for a month or three at a time, depending on your budget. The two-day trial is a buck, but don't forget to cancel if you're not looking for a daily reminder on your statement.

RealityKings used to throw in free video downloads every day with your membership. If you were planning to stock up your hard drive for a month of free fun, bad news – downloads are no longer free. The good news? For $14.99, you can download to your heart's content. Plan accordingly, though, 'cause even the biggest stash gets stale without a fresh infusion of new porn.

Once you're signed up and logged in, brace yourself for the post-login page trying to lure you into more porn spending. If you're rolling in dough, feel free to shop around. But for now, I'm hitting that CONTINUE TO REALITYKINGS button.

The actual landing page is a bustling hub. Big sliding images at the top link to some of their hottest clips, a couple of ads tempt you with more premium content, and there's a link to explore the GFLeaks network – now included with RealityKings.

Scroll down, and you'll find quick links to Top Scenes from GFLeaks. I hover over a pic of a cutie with glasses, braces covered in jizz, and get a sneak peek of the action. A bit of basketball precedes some cock play, with the tight pussy taking a pounding.

Keep scrolling for more links to Recent and Trending videos, each represented by a drool-worthy image that makes you want to have a personal session with each one. Sadly, time is limited. Don't let the choices paralyze you, like your girlfriend browsing Netflix for three hours instead of picking a damn movie. It's as easy as point, click, and stroke.

Below the vids on the main page, you'll find a list of porn categories and pornstars. Click something or someone, get more of it. Simple, right?

I hope you're ready to dive into the videos 'cause I'm itching to get back to that naughty little brace-face I mentioned earlier.

Let’s Watch Mila Fuck The video player is a slick piece of internet magic. RealityKings has been in the game for ages and raked in the cash, so trust they know how to build a video site that delivers. I hop around during the 34-minute Deep Strokes featuring Mila Hendrix and don't run into any buffering issues. Above the video, you've got a trailer and a slew of stills to choose from.

Even though Deep Strokes carries a GFRevenge watermark, it plays on the central RealityKings player, as do all videos on the site. Keeping everything in one place makes it way easier to search across sites, saving you from surfing the entire web to find your preferred scenes and stars.

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