Property Sex

Property Sex

You’re desperate to sell your house and would do anything to make the deal. What do you do? If you’re a cute, sweet, sexy housewife, then you might want to offer up your body to the naughty real estate agent who’s come to give things a once over. That’s the theme behind Property Sex, a site with exclusive content that comes with a large amount of bonus material, HD viewing, good pics and videos and now a large discount on longer-term memberships.

Site Content

Property Sex is part of Vixen X, and that means a set of bonus sites is included. But lets not rush ahead, let’s check out what’s available at this innovative site where you have themed videos that offer full-length scenes, scripted and/or improvised, and that feature some very sexy ladies. The girls are mainly your classic 20s and 30s porn babes, with great looks, great legs (and other parts!) and who know how to please a guy when he needs pleasing. They turn themselves over in the name of making a sale and the cameras roll as they play out their desperate fantasies: must sell, will sell – and at any price.

I logged into the site and found the collection of Property Sex videos nice and quickly. There were 95 of these and, checking the dates, it seems that a new video is being added every week at the moment. If that’s not frequent enough for you, then your bonus sites will help fill in the gaps while you wait for another. The videos follow the same story: desperate housewife (but don’t think old, tatty Milf, these girls are hot) wants to sell, and the agent wants something in return that will help to push her to the top of the list. We can all guess what that is. Sometimes it’s a landlord that’s come to inspect a rented house, and the girls are the tenants, but the premise and the out-cums are always the same. Full on hardcore with a story line.

The movies were a good runtime, so they could fully explore the setup and the action that follows. A good runtime being around 40 to 45 minutes. There were streaming versions of each scene, and three downloads in Mp4 with 1,920 x 1,080 HD at the top of the list and a lower one, 480p, at the bottom which will be suitable for phones. The streams came with the same choice and with full-scene files (no clips). The quality is good, and that means the quality of acting, performance, visuals, sound and models – so there are no concerns there.

Not all but some movies also come with a gallery of pics, usually around 100, and these are easily accessed from the viewing page. See a girl you like? Check her photos and, once you’ve saved the video, you can save choice images of her posing in and out of clothes, and also any of the action ones you want to keep. You can take the whole lot per gallery in a zip file, or save the images one at a time. Images were sized around 1,024 x 768, and the quality was just as fine here as it was with the videos.

Okay, so Property Sex was fine and lived up to its promises. What of the other content I mentioned? Check the top menu, there are links here to All Updates, Channels and Models. You can use the model index to find a network babe and then see her movies, or you can use the updates to find 227 movies from Vixen X, your network team. Movies/galleries here are also arranged in categories, and there’s a drop-down list of them if you want to search that way. You can also sort the content by release date and model name and what’s top rated by members. Euro Sensual and Pervert P.I. are both included in your list of four sites, and all are available even with the discounted membership.

Key Features / Navigation

I found, and the network had nice interactive options and some handy tools. You have, for example, linked tag words to help you find more of the same kind of scenes as you just watched. There are no descriptions of scenes but the openings set up the story and you are told run-times and upload dates which are always handy to see. You can give the scenes a rate and add them to a favorites area, and here are places where members can leave comments. Again, nice interactive functions that are handy to use.

The site gives you various ways to search for content and a keyword search box. It all works and functions as it should, and the model’s index – with over 170 girls to choose from – offers you a few basic stats about each girl and links to her movies in any of your four sites; it’s another handy navigation tool.

When it comes to money, you are looking at some good sign-up deals. The standard price of $19.95 as it stands at the moment is actually a 33% discount on the usual price, the three-month option takes you down to 55% off the usual fee, and the annual deal, paid in one installment for the year works out at $0.25 per day, or roughly $7.49 per week. That’s a huge discount on a good quality, fun and horny site that comes with all those extras.

Overall Conclusion

Well, I’d certainly think about selling my home to buy a membership to Property Sex, especially at these low prices. The discounts are good, so grab them while they are on offer, and the site itself is well worth paying the full price for – not that you have to with these current offers. Hot babes, a fun theme that works, bonus sites and content and an easy to us members’ area all add up to a smooth and sexy experience that’s all HD and good quality.

Pros & Cons

+ Exclusive content
+ Bonuses included
+ HD downloads
+ Mobile version of scenes
+ Interactive functions

– Still a bit small
– Not every scene has images
– Cross sale on the sign-up page

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