Petite Ballerinas Fucked review

Petite Ballerinas Fucked

Movie makers are always trying to think of new ideas, new genres for the hot entertainment they make, a new niche here and there, and new situation and storylines to move the videos along. Here at Petite Ballerinas Fucked they’ve come up with the idea of mixing petite with style, lithe with nubile, pretty with hard and come up with a new and original theme. Ever had a fantasy about a cute and petite dancer who is all yours? Here’s your chance to find just that and with a good discount too.

Site Content

The site is from the Nubiles Network of seven sites and, as a member, you will get access to all of them. You dive straight in to the home page showing the most recent update and there you have your theme: a cutsie and petite young ballet dancer who is very supple, being severely dealt with by a guy far too big and hard for her, but she manages as best she can. We run the full flow of hardcore events from the kiss and strip at the start of the story to the facials at the end; with plenty of varied action in between. These are standard hardcore progression movies but with that wonderful tutu-and-totty mix.

You will see all the movies for the site on that home page and there were 13 of them when I was at the site. It’s not been around for that long, and updates happen about twice per month. That may not sound like a lot but there are plenty more videos in the bonus sites, and with the same kind of hot chicks starring, except without the ballet theme. And these movies are well made. The Nubiles Network is fast gaining a reputation for top quality and HD movies. Not only are the girls hot, but so are the movies. The lighting is dreamy, with soft backlighting at times, and the sound is natural and good. The focus is clear and the cameras get up-close and also go distant, so you get a good mix of shots.

Movies are shown with various download options, manly in Mp4 but with one WMV per scene too. You have 1,920 x 1,080 HD at around 6,000 kbps at the top of the scale and 480 x 270 in Mp4 at the bottom and that version should be suitable for your mobiles and portable devices. There are also five options for streaming in Mp4 and the default screen is set at 1,140 x 608, with full screen available. The default stream resolution was fine at this size and buffered and ran smoothly. Movies run for around 15 to 20 minutes and all can be downloaded as full scenes.

Each one has a set of screen shots with it and these are at good sizes, 1,920 x 1,080 and there are plenty of them. There are also digital stills galleries, containing posed and action shots, with around 200 pics per set and these are also shown in thumbnail pages with blow-ups opening up to a large size at 2,000 x 1,333, a size that was too large for my screen, but where the clarity was amazing. You can browse easily online with good through-navigation tools, plus slideshows and there are three sizes of images offered in three different zip file downloads.

So, the main content with the hot little ballerinas is taken care of, though we cant wait for more and this one site is still very small; but what about everything else? Well, up at the top of your pages you will see the names of all seven Nubiles sites. Simply click one for its content to appear in your main screen. You have a step-sibling fantasy site here, plus one with moms and Milfs, and there are casting videos, and first time appearances by a good host of hot babes. Quality is maintained throughout.

Key Features / Navigation

Your member area comes with some neat additional features and functions. You will find a model index for the network with details about each girl, when she first appeared, what her movies are, plus some stats and background. This is neatly laid out, as is the rest of the site. The pages look good and hold many links and useful navigation tools. There are various ways to sort and arrange your content and the top menu is bold and easy to follow.

At the very top of the pages you will find a few account functions such as a list of your favorites (when you have added some to the list) and your playlists. There is an advanced search function, you can give feedback and look up support if you need to. On viewing pages, you can rate the scenes and add comments, plus add them to that favorites list. There are some adverts on the site, but they are out of the way, and there are links to up-sell cam and dating sites. Also, watch out for any pre-checked cross sale on the join pages.

And talking of joining: be aware of the discount offered. You are able to grab a reduced price membership at Petite Ballerinas Fucked, giving you high class action for a shaved-down price. There are longer-term options available too, including an unusual four month option. The best thing to do would be to grab one of the discounted memberships now before it’s too late and see this amazing ballet-bonking-bonanza before the offer runs out.

Overall Conclusion

A Nubiles Network site, this collection of hot ballerinas doing the nasty dance with hard and hung guys is the new feather in the network cap. It’s not huge, updates are slightly slow, but the quality is outstanding, the girls are amazing and the currently offered discount price is too good a bargain to miss. Network access ensures you also have variety, all movies can be downloaded and are HD and I doubt you will find many other sites as original and high class as this one.

Pros & Cons

+ Exclusive content
+ Good discount offer
+ hot babes
+ Original theme
+ Bonus site access
+ High quality and HD

– Small site
– Slow updates (two per month)

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