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It’s all about up-close and intimate anal at Holed, a new site that offers its content week on week in 4K HD, and the quality is pretty amazing. That’s the quality of the girls and the filming, the videos and the galleries. They are also still offering discounted membership, to get the ball rolling and so you can take advantage of the consistent updates, go long-term and really find a bargain at what’s fast becoming a very popular site for hot chicks, hot hardcore and hot discounts.

Site Content

Holed started off in June 2016 and, since then, has been adding a new scene each week. The thing that separates these videos from the normal back-entry type is the quality. Several sites these days are going for 4K HD, but there are still not that many that cover this anal niche. They find amazing looking girls, slim, petite, in their 20s, youthful looking and lithe and they also find well hung guys to deal with them. Sometimes the filming is in POV style so it’s almost as good as being there yourself, and the scenes play out naturally from start to finish to cum shots, with all the other hot hardcore action we like to see taking place before the girls themselves, well, Holed.

There are quite a few sample shots on the tour, which doesn’t actually give you that much information about the site, but the images speak volumes and although some of them may be from the same shoot and give the impression there is more videos here than there actually are, they also give you a very good idea of what to expect. Log in and you will find simple navigation that takes you to the videos. You can see that a new one is being added each week, making a total, when I was there, of just over 20.

Each one comes with good viewing options. Okay, so at the top of the scale these will suit faster connections better than slower ones, and some of the 4K files might be quite large, but they are well worth waiting for. As I said filming quality is good, the girls are tops for looks and know how to please the well-hung guys who deal in the anal action, and the whole lots are well lit and well presented. I had no grumbles about quality at this site.

You have various viewing options: Mp4 files deliver you’re the top HD at 3,840 x 2,160, while also giving you 1,920 x 1,080 HD if you prefer that, and it’s fine. There is a 720p WMV file as well, and Mpeg at 853 x 480 which should suit your mobile devices and there are good sized streams in Flash at 1,280 x 720, so you can either save each movie or stream it online. Movie run for around 30 minutes each so you get a good run-time for each one.

It’s a great set of anal movies and they are all exclusive; the only downside is that the site is still rather new and so there’s not a lot of content as yet.

But movies do come with highly collectable galleries where there are around 200 pics per set. You can save these one at a time, there are good online browsing tools and zip files so you can take whole sets. Images were at 1,500 x 1,125 in size and again the quality was great. You get right in and close-up with the images which give you some posed shots as well as these taken from or during the hardcore action sequences.

There’s still not a lot of content here and that’s why the discounts are still running but with at least one new scene each week (the tour pages promise two or three so keep an eye out) and with this amazing 4K definition and excellent filming, you’ve got a rare gem of an anal site at Holed.

Key Features / Navigation

A quick word about the prices. I mentioned discounts. Well, there’s a trial offer that starts you off at $1.00 for one day. That’s fine but you won’t be able to see everything as it’s a limited trial and it also recurs at $39.95 per month unless you cancel it. As the standard monthly price is only $17.95 (to reflect the fact that the site is still small) you will be better off going straight for that. However, as the updates already look to be good and solid, there are longer-term deals to consider. $59.95 for three months works out at $19.98 per month and yes, that’s more than the monthly one, so consider the annual sign-up that’s at $9.95 per month – paid in one installment each year. That’s where the real discount kicks in. Just watch out for a cross sale already checked on the join page.

So, money matters sorted out, content sorted out and increasing in number, is there anything else to know? Not really as this is a simple, clean site with a good design. The menu will take you simply to the content and the home page. The sample shots carry the models names and the upload dates but there’s not a lot of info after that; they leave it to the content to show you what’s going on rather than giving you written descriptions about it all. This made for quick and easy viewing and I had no technical issues at all.

Overall Conclusion

Holed has it holed, in terms of good quality anal videos at a discount price, you can save most by going longer term on the annual sign-up and, as the updates have so far been fine, this seems the best way to go. The 4K HD looks superb, the girls are horny as hell, the action is exactly as shown on the tour and it’s all good quality. With a simple site, great looking models, and the emphasis on the niche you were promised, you can’t go wrong with a Holed membership. Grab one now while cheap!

Pros & Cons

+ Exclusive content
+ 4K HD
+ Other good view options
+ Mobile compatible
+ Good prices
+ Updates

– Not a lot of info
– Large files for some downloads

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