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Family Strokes

There’s a new and growing trend for step-sex sites and Family Strokes is one that gives you the near taboo subject of step-sibling sex in exclusive and HD movies. It’s a one-theme site with lots of variety as step-dads deal with wayward step-daughters and step-moms satisfy horny step-sons. It’s being offered at a discount price, so you can join and save money at the same time. The content is good quality, easy to stream and download and comes with galleries and updates.

Site Content

Family Strokes dates its first movie to July 2015, so it’s probably one of the older, theme-specific sites out there, and it’s been uploading regularly since it started and now has 68 well-made and good looking movies for you. They all take the same theme: a new step-mom arrives, or a guy finds he has a new step-sister and she’s foxy, or a step-dad has come into the family where there’s a horny twenty-something with a thing for older men. And so the games begin. The videos have set-ups and storylines and it’s a bit like watching an episode of some soap opera to start with, at least until the horny humping starts, then you get your classic adult action, but you know that it’s all taking place within the step-family.

The content is all very easy to find. In fact, there are only three pages at the members’ area, three pages of content that is – the others are for up-sells and adverts. You’ve got 25 scenes per page and each one has a large sample shot, so there is no trouble finding what you want to see. You can click stream and the scene starts straight away right there on the page. You can go full screen and you will need to be on a decent connection to run this stream which is at 960 x 540 @ 2,700 kbps. Full screen looks good and the visuals are nice and clear, as is the sound. Videos run for around 30 minutes and you can jump through them if you want to.

If you prefer, you can take the downloads and there are three per video. The Top resolution is in HD at 1,920 x 1,080 @ 12,000 kbps and looks great and there is a mid-range one and a lower resolution one which is also fine, though in a smaller file. The videos are all Mp4 so should suit phones and portable devices, though the files can be quite large on the larger resolution versions. Still, you shouldn’t have any problems as long as you are fine with HD.

The only thing I found with the movies is that, although they are 30 minutes long, the action you came in for sometimes didn’t start until around ten minutes in. But that’s because they play out like real scenes, with beginnings, middles and end. And, like I say, you can always jump through to where the fun begins.

There are galleries with each one, trailers and screen caps. These are at 900 x 506 and look fine, they take you through the action and are easy enough to view. The digital galleries give you around 100 pics per set at 1,024 x 768 and again the quality is good. You can’t take these one at a time; a right click on one to save it made the image vanish, but there are zip files for full sets and easy through-navigation tools.

Movies/galleries also come with a brief description and there is a new one being added each week. The models are perfectly fine, 20-something babes, older Milfs, studly step-sons and dads and there is decent variety. The only drawback is that the 68 movies and pics are all you get, there is no bonus content at the site.

Key Features / Navigation

Family Strokes is being offered at a discount and it’s one that’s worth considering. You can access the site now for only $17.87 per month, or, if you go for the yearly subscription you pay one sum for 12 months that works out the same as paying $7.98 per month. Considering that this is all exclusive content and that the site has a good update record, you should be fine with that. Signing up is easy with a card but you do have to watch out for a pre-checked cross sale on the join page which will join you to another site at the same time unless you un-check it.

Once inside the site you will have no hassles, apart from adverts. You know how I hate these, well here there are a lot of them. There’s one as you log in for a start, but you simply click through it. Then you have your main content on the index pages which are simple to get around, and around the edges of them are adverts for other sign-ups and sites. There are even some locked icons at the top of the page which, when clicked, take you to other sign-up offers. They may also be at discounted prices though and might be worth a look.

Movies and galleries can be added to a favorites collection, you can rate them and also leave comments on them, when you are in the gallery area. There are links to support should you need it, but otherwise, there’s not a lot else for members to get involved with or see.

Overall Conclusion

Family Strokes works for me; the scenes are brilliantly shot and fairly well acted, the babes are hot, the Milfs are hot and the guys deal with them perfectly in step-sex fantasies that are well played out. They are all exclusive and HD and a new one comes along each week. It comes in at a very good discounted price for 68 exclusive movies and galleries. Well worth seeing, not expensive, well-made and horny, in my book it’s up there with the top step-sex sites.

Pros & Cons

+ Exclusive content
+ HD and downloadable
+ Good quality
+ Easy to access
+ Discounted memberships
+ Weekly updates

– Lots of advertising
– No bonuses

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