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Digital Playground

When you want to play and you have no one to play with, then you need to head to the Digital Playground. Here you are going to find thousands of horny grown-ups ready and willing to indulge in some hot playtime. Thing is, they are doing it in videos and you get to sit and watch as they do. The site is one off the biggest we’ve seen, with DVDs, Series, Scenes, galleries and extras, and it’s coming it at a discounted offer at the moment so is great good value. You’ll never play alone again.

Site Content

There is no one genre at Digital Playground, it’s not a specialist site in that respect. What you do have is a huge amount of everything hardcore and sexy though, and there is a search box so you can keyword search for the kind of things you like to see. The videos show you star performers from Digital Playground and they appear in a huge number of scenes; these solo and action movies and there is a good amount of variety. You will get a good idea of this variety from looking at the tour but what the tour doesn’t give you much of is information.

It won’t tell you, for example, that there are over 3,340 video scenes, each running for 20 minutes and each available for streaming only, but with recent ones in 1080p HD, with other viewing options also available. It doesn’t tell you that these videos are split up into Scenes, Episode, Raw Cuts and Flixx, and the member area doesn’t actually tell you the difference between Flixx and Scenes. There are 152 movies in the Series area and then 507 in the Movies listing which are actually the DP DVDs. There are also 343 behind the scenes videos to view and a bonus/extra DVD theater with over 22,390 scenes (and I am not making this up). The model index lists 1,010 girls and there are also 2,398 galleries to view at least there were when I was there; with the daily update schedule there might well be many more by now.

So, the tour is image-led and the member area is video-led, with some info about each scene but not a lot. Find a scene from one of the lists, they are all shown with good sample hots and then click it to get to the viewing pages. Here you find that movies are shown in a streaming player and are shown with runtimes, star names, some info, a trailer, links to any galleries and related videos. These are good viewing pages with everything conveniently in one place. The Settings button lets you select the stream speed best suited to you and these ranged from 320p through the standard rates at 480 and 720 to a top HD at 1080p (1,920 x 1,080 @ 6,000 kbps). You can go to full screen while viewing and the quality is good. Older videos may not have as many viewing options or the same HD high quality, but they are fine to view.

You are looking at plenty of content then, but no downloads. I have read that the site lets you purchase downloads, though I didn’t catch that offer, and the membership is set at such a reasonable price that you should be happy to stay with it and only view online anyway; but the faster your connection the better as these videos are HD (the recent ones) and high quality.

Members are also able to view the series of scenes and these include DP Star Season, Parodies, Cougarville and other themed movie that are listed like episodes of shows. The Movies area gives you the full DVDs and these come with a bit of info, links to models and links to related extras such as galleries, scenes for that movie and BTS. There are then the 743 BTS movies (Behind The Scenes), and then you come to the galleries. With over 2,390 of these you are going to find loads to collect and view, and you need to see the Extras drop-down to find the link. Gallery updates look regular too and there are various numbers of pics per set (average around 150) which you can browse online or take in zip files. Images are around 1,600- x 1,200 and are good quality.

Key Features / Navigation

For such a large site with such a huge stock of content, Digital Playground is actually very easy to navigate. The top menu is very clear and has drop-down sub-headings, so under videos you find Flixx, Raw Cuts, Episodes and Scenes. Each new area, including galleries, has good search and sort options with filters and there is the keyword search box too, plus a Tags page with a huge long list of just about every category you could think of. Thats a really handy tool.

Although you can’t download movies you can get slightly involved and leave comments, and many members have already done that. You’ve also got likes to give each scene if you want and you can easily add them to a favorites area.

There are extras to with the galleries listed there and also a DVD theater with over 23,000 movies to view, and there are links to other money spending ideas such as a store and dating sites. A link to DP Premium is also given and this is an extra sign up; there are some adverts in the member area to. But the thing to remember is that all this content and its bonuses come to you for a discounted membership price and you are only being asked to pay under $30.00 per month for what amounts to one of the largest collections of varied hardcore on the net. You can also go for a longer-term membership as the site updates every day and this will start to show rewards straight away it works out at $10.00 per month, which, for over 3,300 videos (and counting) is a pretty damn good reason to sign up.

Overall Conclusion

I wasn’t too sure from the site how much was exclusive, I wasn’t sure whether there was still a way to pay to download, and Id have liked more info about the site on the tour. But (and it’s a big but) I loved the value, with a discounted membership (even without one it’s excellent value) and the amount of movies and galleries, girls and extras is outstanding. The quality is good, the site is easy to use and updates daily. When you want to play, walk this way – the playground is all yours.

Pros & Cons

+ Massive content count
+ Daily updates
+ HD movies
+ Good search/sort options
+ Interactive
+ Bonuses

– No downloads
– Not a lot of site info
– Older movies may have lower specs

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