Dad Crush

Dad Crush

Dad Crush plays on a theme: cute 18+ teen stepdaughters and their friends have a thing for older men. They seduce them, and then all manner of horny hell breaks loose. This is a standalone site that’s pretty new, so it’s not huge as yet, but it is available at a couple of great discounts. If you sign for the year ahead, for example, you will access the site for $5.00 per month. Not bad for all exclusive, HD and downloadable content with hot young babes and horny older dads.

Site Content

We’ll get to the discounts in a moment, but signing up for Dad Crush is simple and safe. This means it won’t be long before you are inside and having a great time checking out the fresh, new models who are appearing in the 33 + scenes. The updates look good too, so the site is growing, and that means the longer you stay, the more value you will get.

The theme here is a simple one, but it’s played out nicely in scripted or scenario scenes. There’s always at least one 18 + young babe who has this thing for daddy. Remember. ‘My heart belongs to daddy’? Well, here, it’s their whole body that they give to daddy, and very willingly too. Some of the older dads have no idea what’s hit them or how they became so lucky, but they don’t complain about things for very long. The girls seduce, and the guys give in – you can more or less guess the rest.

But I should point out that it’s very well filmed and looks good. You have HD movies here and, if you like your stats then the top resolution is at 1,920 x 1,080 HD, and the files are Mp4. There is a lower resolution file for your mobiles that you can download, and also a mid-range, standard definition one at 960 x 540 @ 2,800 kbps. Each movie can also be streamed in HD or in a lower resolution if your set-up can’t support heavier streaming, and the scenes tend to run for around 20 minutes each, which is plenty of time to follow the build-up, see the action and get off.

Each of the scenes also has galleries. Two in fact, with a screen caps one giving you a run-through of the action in decent sized images and the digital one giving you pics up at 1,353 x 900 which you can view online or take away in zip files. The quality is fine here too and brought no complaints from me. You get some nice posed shots of the youthful temptresses who do the seducing, and then plenty of action ones.

There are no bonuses at Dad Crush. It’s a new site and still not very large, but it is expanding week on week. There may be bonuses in the future but, at the moment, the site is rather small; that’s one of the downsides. One of the upsides is the discounted membership that’s available. Read on for more info.

Key Features / Navigation

I had no trouble getting around the site, the top menu is nice and simple and there are no technical issues to worry about. There may be some adverts and other links to up-sells like cam sites, but they are interesting to see rather than annoying. The main content is set out neatly, and you just click through to find the video you want to see first; from there on it’s also plain sailing.

Member can get a little bit involved by leaving comments and rating the scenes, and you can also add them to a favorites area if you want to. These are about the only interactive elements, though, so don’t expect too much from the site when you sign in.

Before you do sign in, though, there are the discounts to check out. The site is currently offering its monthly recurring membership for $17.87 per month. That’s a good price for all exclusive content, even without bonuses. Watch out for a cross sale on the join page when you click through, and uncheck it if you don’t want access to another site at the same time (with a recurring fee). If you want to get the real bargain, though, go for the 365-day deal where you pay for a year in advance. That’s going to cost you $5.00 per month for exactly the same access, and all you have to do is pay for it in one sum at $60.00 for the year. With the updates coming in each week, you should be in line for over 50 videos during your membership, plus all their videos and any extras the site might add.

Overall Conclusion

Dad Crush takes the older/younger theme and works it. They employ cute and youthful babes as the seductresses and hunky slightly older guys as the stepdads and others. The fun works out as slow seduction to start with and then fast and hard banging to finish with, and it’s all good quality. It’s also exclusive and has HD viewing in streams and downloads, Mp4 mobile files, and also galleries. You’ve got two great discount offers to grab now before the price goes up to a more standard level.

Pros & Cons

+ Exclusive content
+ Good quality and HD
+ Mobile suitable
+ Hot, youthful models
+ Great Discounts
+ Weekly updates

– Cross sale on sign up

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