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Casting Couch X

There is no denying that seeing a lovely young thing make her first inroads in to the world of adult movies is something special and that’s why we love sites like this one, Casting Couch X. Here we have a line-up of lovelies all eager and keen and hoping to make an impression so they go on to become stars. And here we also have a good discount offer at $17.95 for a months membership. That’s down from around that $25.00 a month mark, so a decent saving. In return you have high quality content.

Site Content

So, we know that the content here is all about first time girls coming along to the studio as amateurs and then being put through an audition by the guy with the camera; that’s what casting couch sites are all about. The girls here are lithe and lovely, a mix of ages though mainly in their 20s I would say, with brown hair, long blonde hair, long legs, trim waists and perky smiles (and other bits!). There’s a strip tease as the girls show us what they can do and what they’ve got (there’s a certain amount of POV filming so you feel like you’re the one auditioning the models), and then the harder stuff takes place and you feel like you’re the one getting all the attention.

There were 136 of these exclusive Casting Couch X scenes when I was in the site, and they dated from October 2012. Back then they came with a trailer, HD video streaming and standard, and three download options: 1080p Mpg and WMV, and MP4 480p. The most recent scene came with the same stream options but more download choices including 720p MP4 and WMV, mobile and tablet options and a top res MP4 HD at 1080p. Basically, you should find great quality movies in various resolutions and file types to suit all. However these are full length scenes at up to 50 minutes each and some of the files are pretty large, nearly 3 Gb for example.

They come with screen caps and digital galleries to view as well, and you can use the screen caps to run through the action if you don’t want to view the trailers. Both sets of pics held posed shots from the models as well as the action ones and all were neatly set out and easy to browse. Screen caps are up at 1,280 x 720 in size and are perfectly clear and good to see. The digital ones came out at 1,000 x 1,500 in size and were also perfect quality, so nothing to worry about there.

You can also browse the content via the model index where you currently find 125 hot chicks to check. Some of these girls have clearly been called back for a second session, they have made more than one casting couch movie, and when you click a shot to see more details you get links to all of her scenes. Though not a great deal of detail, to find out about the girls you need to listen to the chats and interviews which make up the auditions; it’s all part of the fun.

There are no bonuses with this site, but there is a further offer available. You’ve already got the discounted price I mentioned and that’s for Casting Couch X and it’s exclusive, weekly, HD updates. If you then want to unlock the rest of the network you will need to take an upgrade. There are seven other sites to unlock, and some of them have incredible 4K HD on offer, and you can access them for a one off extra charge of $69.95 for a lifetime membership. Lifetime being the life of your Casting Couch X membership. So, plenty of content to gather in there and a very good offer that is well worth considering. (Watch out for the trial membership offer as this recurs at a high price.)

Key Features / Navigation

Back to the site in question and how it all works. It all works simply and well. There is a nice design here with dark background and bright text and links, so that helps you identify all the details: there are scores for scenes, you can see their rankings, there are update dates show and links to the models index entries, and that’s just on the index pages.

Viewing pages are also stocked with handy links and extras that don’t detract from the main attraction, the videos. There are clear tab links to the trailers and galleries, for example, some scenes details are show, you can add things to a favorites area, cast your own vote for a girl or scene and add and read comments. There are some adverts on pages, but after a while you tend not to notice them.

The menu also holds links to your favorites collection, some up-sells and your account area where you can also contact customer support if you want to. I had no hassles with the site, there’s lots going on even though it’s actually quite small, and everything worked just fine for me. It looked good to and it is being well maintained.

Overall Conclusion

Casting Couch X is a small site on one theme, that of first time auditions (and some call backs) for good looking younger models. We’ve got a good discount membership for you which brings you exclusive HD movies for $17.95 per month, and then there is a further offer to join the whole network. You get excellent quality interviews and scenes, hot galleries, weekly updates and a fair deal.

Pros & Cons

+ Discounted price
+ Exclusive casting content
+ Excellent quality and HD
+ Great looking models
+ Nicely designed site
+ Easy to use
+ Weekly updates

– No bonuses

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