Black Valley Girls

Black Valley Girls

Black Valley Girls is relatively new, and thus a small, site that contains all exclusive content. Whereas we’re used to seeing sites where girls put out for cash, here it’s the other way around. These hot ebony chicks have the cash, they are sassy and rich, and they are spoiled. They also get more than their fair share of fun with white guys in interracial movies that are HD. The site is being offered for a discount right now, at only $17.87 per month which is a fair price for a standalone site.

Site Content

There are scenarios scenes here where cute and sassy ebony girl’s get what they want. There are various storylines, and these are well played out in each 30-minute movie where some of that time is handed over to building up the scene, and the rest goes to hardcore and hot fun, usually on an interracial theme. The girls are also younger, from 18 upwards, and cute, well put together and not afraid to show us everything they have. They seduce older guys, or are seduced by them, they lie back and think of the valley, get their GFs to join in with threesomes, and generally have a high old soap-opera kind of time with a load of hot sex included.

The movies are well produced, edited, shot and presented, and are easy to find. In fact, there are only the movies here with no extras and so little chance of getting distracted. You arrived on the home page where the first 25 of, currently, 28 greet you and a new one is added every couple of weeks. You can’t miss the large sample shots, and titles and everything you need to enjoy the content is right there. You can simply click to run the stream right there and then go full screen, or you can take the downloads without having to think about it.

Here’s how the scenes work, taking the latest title, ‘Black cooch on a camera’ as an example. I simply clicked the stream screen, and the movie ran. It was at 1,920 x 1,080 HD, but there was no buffering or start-and-stop, and the screen was initially sized at 960 x 540, with fast forward and volume controls available. There are also trailers to run before you do a download. These are linked beneath the viewing screen, and you’ve got 1080p HD, 720p and a lower resolution version for mobiles, all in Mp4. There are descriptions with each movie too, short but to the point, and the quality of everything is just fine.

They come with galleries as well, around 150 pics per sets at decent sizes like 1,536 x 1,180, and again, the quality is good. Click the HD pictures at the top of the screen, and you find the galleries set out in standard thumbnail style. Click one to open it, and you click through from there. Each scene also carried thumbnails which is a way to see what’s going to happen in the action. There are more thumbs than there are digital shots, but they give you some different angles, though the quality is not as good. There are also lower and high res collections of the gallery to download in zip files.

That’s all pretty standard stuff, and everything looks good with the content. The downsides are that there is not much of it as yet, and the updates only seem to be around twice per month. Mind you, you’re not being asked to pay much for the site, but still, it’s a shame there are no extras.

Key Features / Navigation

What there is a lot of, though, is advertising. These are ads and links all over the place, yet they don’t detract too much from your viewing. You pass through an advert portal on the way in (simply click the link to the site, and it goes), and then the rest are atop the page or to the side. Nothing popped up and got in the way, so I was able to live with it.

The members’ area here is easy enough to use. There is a top menu, most of which consists of links to take you to special offers, but there is a favorites area so you can store the best of the 28 Black Valley Girls scenes. Members can also give thumbs up and down to each video and write comments. As there are only two pages of actual content, it’s not a problem getting back and forth between them, and I had no navigation or technical issues.

One of the links you see is to an Upgrade. Here, you can convert you $17.87 per month into $60.00 for the full year – the annual price at initial sign-up is at $9.95 per month which, paid in one go, works out at $119.40. So, if you choose the monthly $17.87 and then upgrade, you’re saving money. There are also ‘upgrades’ to other sites. For example, you can access Team Skeet as a member of Black Valley Girls for only $14.87 per month, and they had over 20 sites included in the network last time I looked, many on a teen babe theme. There are plenty of discount offers once you’ve become a member, and as the original membership is also discounted, this seems like a good way to find some choice porn while paying less than everyone else.

Overall Conclusion

Black Valley Girls offers you a different slant on ebony and interracial sex with scenario movies that are shot like TV episodes, play out nicely and contain enough hardcore to get you off in each half-hour video. It’s easy to use, but it is a small site with updates only twice per month. HD, Mp4 mobile filers, hot pics, and very hot babes make up for that, and the discounted price offers you a great and cheap way into a neat little site with hot interracial scenes.

Pros & Cons

+ Exclusive content
+ HD and mobile
+ Easy to use
+ Hot interracial action
+ Cute ebony teens

– Small site
– Slow updates
– No extras or bonuses

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